Lit from Within: Girls' lunch Green

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girls' lunch Green

This is one of those manis where I tried all kinds of different colors.  It was so much fun, and I like the end result, too.

I started with Cover Girl Nail Slicks in Midnight Forest, which I picked up at Dollar Tree in a package of two, for a dollar.  Are you kidding me?  This was awesome, much less for 50 cents.

The undertone was a tad purple, which was surprising, but it finished with a silvery/olive shimmer.

Vertically on the nail, I painted stripes of Revlon Bonsai, Sally Hansen Hard Cash, and my fave, Piggy Polish in Mermaid.  The Piggy Polish in the bottle is an iridescent blue/green, but it changes color depending on the base coat.  In these pix, it is the shiniest, brightest, shimmery green stripe, going both vertically and horizontally.

Horizontally, I did small stripes in Sally Hansen Onyx Rock and Eel Skin, which I mostly covered with Teal Takeoff, and a stripe of Piggy Polish Mermaid, which really caught the light.  

The Piggy Polish is also on my toes, and it is the exact color it is in the bottle (the top bottle in the pix below)  It's definitely a green over the the other green polishes on my nail.  Neat.

I thought it was fun!  The girls at lunch couldn't care less, though.  None of them paint their nails, and some even chew their nails off. 

How many polishes have you used to create a mani?

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