Lit from Within: I'm guest posting at Imperfectly Painted!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm guest posting at Imperfectly Painted!

I'm guest posting for Steph at Imperfectly Painted!  Woot!

Check her page out ***HERE*** to see the completed mani.  Here's a few pix I took leading up to the final mani:

2 coats of Revlon Buttercup.  It's yellow.  I like yellow, and this has some of the problems pastel yellows have.  I thought this was pretty good coverage for 2 coats, though.  And it's just the prettiest buttercup pale yellow.

Oops, forgot to take a pix after the sponging, but before the flowers.  A little sponging of China Glaze Metallic Muse and Orly Ingenue, and the background of my daisies.  I wanted the flowers to pop, so white is essential for that. 

Go see how I finished it on Imperfectly Painted. :)  And check out the rest of her blog, because she's a really nice person and runs a sweet blog.

If you want to swap blogs for a day, let me know! 


  1. OHMG Buttercup is sooo sweet - I'm totally into pale yellows at the moment, need to get my head examined LOL
    And I really like the nail art you did on it!!

  2. SO GORGEOUS!!! I love the flowers and sponging over top! What a cute and beautiful yellow! :D

  3. That yellow.. what is it about these pale yellows that lure us in? Not like I can wear it by itself. I don't need any more, but they are like a siren song...

    and, thanks for the compliments! I hope you checked out the finished mani on Steph's blog! :)


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