Lit from Within: Another stamping Sunday..

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another stamping Sunday..

I'm informally joining the Stamping Sunday crowd again.  Yes, today, I'm a joiner.  But, since it's a secret, I'm also a rebel.  I am also an enigma wrapped in a riddle. 

Let us pause to regain our composure.

Today's color could be a camo color, it's Nicole for OPI Green Up Your Act.  I believe it's a Target Exclusive color.  I ordered it from their website after seeing on someone else's blog and having to have it.  These blogs are to me like the shady guy on the corner who whispers, 'c'mere, you gotta see this' and then opens his trenchcoat to reveal a lining full of shiny, pretty things.  See, it's socially acceptable to own a few bottles of nail polish.  Not so much when your collection is three digits and steadily heading towards 4.

 Don't you want this color now?  C'mere, you gotta see this!

I stamped over it with Pure Ice Black Rage and one of the Red Angel plates.  Those plates have such weirdness on them - their patterns are cool, but slightly whack at the same time.  Like the person who was designing them had a love affair with hallucinogenic drugs.

For some added shiny, I added Sally Hansen Glass Slipper, a clear polish full of clear, iridescent flakies.  Flakies are like glitter's helpful cousin.  Not as showy, but also not as hard to remove.  And they play nice with others.

Are you tempted? hmmmmm? :)

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