Lit from Within: Enchanting Enchanted Polish

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Enchanting Enchanted Polish

It was the name.  How could I resist a polish called, "Dragon Spit"? 

It was the first reddish holo I had ever seen.  In truth, it's more of a coral-leaning-red.  The color is actually spectacular.  The holo... well, it's subtle.  This does mean that in low-light, the color is still very vibrant, which some holo polishes lose.

A glimpse of the linear holo.

Dragon Spit is being discontinued, but this next polish is part of Enchanted Polish's permanent line:  Hey, Jude.  This polish seriously wowed me.  It's a multi-chrome holo.

It's hard to get the multi-chrome and the holo to both capture in the same pix, so you get pix spam.  I know, it's awful, but you'll suffer through it, won't you?

Enchanted Polish holos are among the more expensive ones.  I personally think the Hey, Jude is worth it.  This is one of those indie polishes that is just like nothing you'll find in a mainstream brand.

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