Lit from Within: Celebrate Glitter - Purple Party

Monday, July 9, 2012

Celebrate Glitter - Purple Party

Some time back, I scored a whole bunch of Sally Hansen at the Dollar Tree.  This lovely shimmery purple was one of them.  Lilac Chantilly is a bit frosty, and I know that turns some people off, but not me.  Plus, I knew it would make a great base for glitter.

I added KleanColor City Never Sleeps.  This is 1 and a half coats?  Kleancolor doesn't really allow for full coats - you have to dab it on.  I think I dabbed on a little in the empty spots after it had dried a little, but it's not two full coats.  I was surprised how dense this glitter is - you can only barely see the purple underneath in spots.

I like the different sizes of glitter - small turquoise, medium gold and hot pink hexes.  Even my husband, who calls all glitter, 'disco ball' said he really liked this one.  It's a beauty!

Have I converted you to Kleancolor glitter yet?  What's your favorite?


  1. I've never even seen a Kleancolor in person. I've wondered how the formula was. I may have to do a bit of online shopping...

    1. It's very thick, and some of them have too much base, but for the money, it's good stuff. It's about as complex as I've seen in a commercial polish. Seems like you have to buy indie glitters if you want more variety of sizes and shapes of glitters.


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