Lit from Within: Come to the dark side of the Cult..

Friday, July 20, 2012

Come to the dark side of the Cult..

I wish I had every Cult polish to show you, but we are nearing the end of my treasure trove!

This is Manipulative, which I think is kind of a dark, bitchy name for such a sweet, innocent looking color...

So, I manipulated IT, with a gradient, and changed it all around.  First, I sponged on Let Me Fly, with some of that gorgeous shimmer.

The tips were painted in Living Waters.  It didn't really sponge very well - more of the polish kept coming up with the sponge.  I really wanted a more opaque tip, so I just used the polish brush.

Not the smoothest gradient I've done, but I rather like the choppy, wave-like look of the polish, like a darkening, threatening sea.

If polishes had powers, Mind Control would have that.  Mr. Cult Nails said that this was his favorite polish, and next thing I knew, it was mine.  It's a dark eggplant with a purple shimmer, but on the nail, it evokes other colors... maybe pink?  maybe dark green?  It keeps you guessing.

I decided to add some Seduction to my Mind Control.  Hmm... if only in real life.

First two nails are Mind Control alone, the last two with Seduction - the change seems subtle, but what a nice addition those red flashes are.

I'm thinking that not many polishes wouldn't be improved by a little Seduction.  Well, there's probably a lot of things in general that would be improved with a little seduction....

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