Lit from Within: Celebrate glitter - Blue My Mind

Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrate glitter - Blue My Mind

I remember when blue polish was sooo outrageous.  I was only allowed to wear light pinks and beige polish growing up, and my first real color was red.  Why would someone wear blue polish?  So unnatural!

Now, I love it.  It can really lift my spirits!  I got both of these blue polishes from the CFL Beauty Bloggers swap.  It feels wonderful to rescue a polish and really love it.  This is OPI Blue My Mind, a rich cobalt metallic blue.  I love the OPI formula - no streaks, self-leveling, but any metallic is going to show every flaw on the nail.  Glitter to the rescue!

I wasn't expecting Borghese Mediterraneo Sea to be so opaque, but one coat pretty much covered everything.  It's gorgeous!  And, it dries matte!

 Blurry matte glitter still shines.

After a bit, I couldn't resist getting out my black and white stripers and practicing some curly-q designs.  It's fun to see what works and what doesn't.  I kinda like the heart shape on my thumb.

I liked Mediterraneo Sea so much, I accidentally bought another bottle at Ross when I saw it there for $2.  Have you ever accidentally bought a duplicate bottle of polish?


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