Lit from Within: Celebrate glitter - Champagne bubbles

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Celebrate glitter - Champagne bubbles

China Glaze Optimistic is exactly the kind of color that my Mom would want me to wear.  It's a perfect Lady color, demure, soft, a hint of shimmer.  Despite all that, I still like it.  There really is something about a champagne polish that evokes a sense of elegance.  Two coats, and there's still some VNL, but no worries, because glitter to the rescue!

 Another gorgeous Mattese Elite glitter polish.  This one is called Je Taime, and I love it right back.

This glitter is mostly tiny gold and holo glitter, with a very few medium holo hexes tossed in a clear base.  These are a soft champagne gold, though, not a 24-k blingtastic gold.  It's a very soft, elegant look.

Blurred to show a little holo bling.

Are there certain colors that evoke your childhood?  Do they make you more or less likely to wear them?

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