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Monday, July 2, 2012

Leftovers are better the next day...

For some reason, these swatches didn't make it into earlier posts...  so now you get a swatchfest!

I had such lemmings for this color, and eventually found a buy one get one 50% off sale at a salon, so it was MINE MINE MINE.  This is OPI Thanks a Windmillion, a dusty light green from the Holland collection. Like most OPI colors, it applied nicely, was opaque in 2 coats, and look at that shine.  No topcoat here.  My hands do look a little red.. hmm.. maybe I was clutching the bottle too tightly? ;)

I picked up this Revlon in a swap at the CFL Beauty Bloggers' meeting.  I have slowly been collecting more yellows.  I used it as a base for nail art, so I used 2 coats, but it could have used three.. or maybe 4.  Like most yellows, it is a little streaky, but I love the shimmer that gives it it's name:  Sunshine Sparkle.

This is Barielle Falling Star.  I'd never seen a blue with copper glitter in it before!  It's beautiful, and I just couldn't cover it with nail art, so I wore it by itself.  Barielle makes great polishes.

This is CQ Twinkle, a lovely silver shimmer (It doesn't appear to be a foil or metallic), with Chameleon Cyclone over it on the accent nails.  Chameleon is an iridescent polish, very very sheer on its own, but is great as a layering polish to change the color of whatever you put it over.  Can't wait to try it over black!

Next up is China Glaze Rainstorm.  This is a jelly blue with shimmer.  It's very, very sheer - I think this was 2 and a half coats and you can still see VNL.  I was using it as a base for nail art, so I wasn't worried about it being sheer, but if you were going to use it alone, you'd need at least 3 coats.

I picked up a few polishes from indie polish Not Too Polished.  This is Peach Blossom, with an accent of Color Club Turn the Other Chic, an orange layering glitter.  I wasn't too excited about Peach Blossom on the nail - it was a little goopy and hard to work with.  I am still looking for the elusive perfect creamsicle color...

Can you hear the beat?  The Electric Beat, from China Glaze.  This is one of my fave blues/periwinkle colors.  It's more blue than Secret Peri-wink-le.  I love this color!

Hope you enjoyed this totally random collection of colors!

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  1. Lovely colors all of them, I have such a weak spot for pale yellows at the moment, so I put myself on a do-not-buy-more-pale-yellows-or-any-other-yellows-or-you-seriously-need-to-have-your-head-examined LOL


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