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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Official Stamping Sunday - fave stamp

I officially joined a stamping group.  I figured I wasn't going to get any better at it if I didn't get more information and practice.  So at least I'll be stamping once a week!  I actually got into nail art because a friend gave me the Salon Express kit for Christmas, and I loved it.... and it escalated from there.

This week's challenge was to use your favorite stamp.  I love geometric designs, and I bought a set of plates *just* to get this one.  It's so 70's funky to me.   Unfortunately, I have teeeeeeeny nail beds, and you can't really get the whole impact of this stamp on me.  Also, don't look too hard at my ring finger.  That is a derp moment.

Right hand:

My fave kind of polish has got to be a holographic finish.  I'm like a magpie - if I see shiny holo, I'm there.   I've bought so many different kinds, I'm a total mark for the ebay/etsy holo dealer.  This Stamped Sunday features a scattered holo called Kiss the Rain from Le Chat's Dream collection.  (I stamped with Metallic Venom from Colormates.)

This coming week, I'll be featuring more holos.  MOAR HOLOS!

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