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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Made in the Jade

I have nothing but praise for the Jade holographic line.  Lots of cool colors, saturated pigments, and striking linear holos.  Get ready for LOTS of pix.

I wasn't sure about getting a gold polish.. don't own many, and the ones I do have I usually just use for nail art.  This one is probably the only one I'll wear on its own. Mystic Gold:

 Deja Vu, a magenta pink.

 Vermelho Surreal, a rich red:

Energy, a teal.  A teal that leans a little turquoise, I think.  One of my faves, and pretty unique.

Another blue, Hypnose.  It looks similar to Energy in the pix, but instead of leaning turquoise, it's more cobalt/bright blue.  Love this.  Shade:



Fascinio Violeta.  Purple - not lavender, but really purple.

Magica Negra.  Black.  Or, at least, the blackest holo I've seen yet.  Most of them are more charcoal-grey as a base.  A true black wouldn't reflect the light needed for a holo, but this is as close as I've ever seen.  Gorgeous.

There are ten colors available on Ninja Polish, where I purchased these for the most reasonable price I've seen - only $7.50 each.  That's cheaper than most Indies, with color saturation and a linear holo that I think rivals the $15+ holos like Layla, and it's not temperamental like Nfu-Oh.  No special base or buffing needed. 

These are the bomb-diggity.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! I have such a soft spot for holos...

  2. These are stunning! Awesome swatches!

  3. These are REALLY lovely swatches! Thank you so much!

    1. I'm so glad you like them. They are such beautiful polishes, they even dress up my nubs!

  4. All are so stunning, but everytime i see Fascinio Violeta I lust after it a bit more lol.

    1. There is something about a purple holo, isn't there? I have several now, and yet, if I see another, I still want it. There's a couple of purple holos in the new Layla collection I've seen swatched, I can't wait until I can get one...

  5. Awesome! I've been wanting to grow my holo collection and these are much more budget friendly than most other holos.


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