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Monday, July 16, 2012

Beauty Bloggers, Let's Talk Beauty!

On Saturday, I went to a networking event in Orlando that featured some of the bloggers I am in cahoots with at the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida.  These are some amazing women who have made a profession out of something that they love, and shared some of their lessons learned.

The place was lit with purple lighting, which of course means that me and my point-n-shoot camera took purple pix.  All these people are normal-colored in real life.

Safia Pullium from Lipstick Mixtapes, a salon owner, whom 
I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember her name, 
Su Laing of Chronicle Stones,  and Maria Morrison of Cult Nails

Maria, Phyrra, Cristina from Let them Have Polish

I rarely win door prizes, but this time I was lucky!  I won the Cult Nails prize!  Get it On Base Coat and Wicked Fast Top Coat, 3 polishes and the glass nail file I have been wanting!  I couldn't believe it!  I own so many different files - cardboard emery boards, metal files, rasp/micrograter-type files, ceramic, cheap crystal.. you name it, I've tried it.  None of them are like the Cult Nails file.  It feels like you're filing your nails with velvet.  It's strange and wonderful.

Yes, I know there are 2 Seduction polishes there.  It's supposed to be Mind Control. Sigh.

As it happens, I was wearing one of Maria's Cult Nails polishes for the event!  This is from the new Coco's Untamed Collection, I Got Distracted.

This is one coat of glitter, with base and top coat.  ONE coat. Amazing.  I love these types of glitters that come in their own color - it's a complete package. Look at that multi-colored glitter.  The base looks black here, but it actually leans dark green overall.

Right hand:

I am a fan of Maria and her Cult Nails, and this week I'll be showing you some of the Cult Nails polishes I own and love.  So I hope you stay tuned and enjoy these polishes as much as I do.

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