Lit from Within: Celebrate glitter - Pink and Snazzy!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Celebrate glitter - Pink and Snazzy!

I wanted something bright, and I found it!  This is Zoya Anaka.  Isn't she beautiful?

She has a shimmer all her own, and is a strong, strong woman!  No wallflowers here.  Loved this color, and I felt such grrrrl power wearing it.

I am a recent glitter convert, and now feel the need to glitter up almost every mani.  So for the next week or so, I'm going to show you a new glitter every day!

This is a very accessible and inexpensive glitter - Kleancolor My Valentine.

It's full of small purple glitter, and medium hex glitter in gold, turquoise, and silver, in a clear base.
If you're not familiar with Kleancolor, there are some things to know - it usually smells horrible in the bottle, but dries odorless.  It's not usually an opaque glitter - the formula is pretty thick, so you'll need to dab it on, and you can really only do one full coat.  And, it's usually really inexpensive.  I bought some of these at the Flea Market for a dollar a bottle, and I've bought it for about that price on Ebay.

Right hand.  I love how the turquoise glitter pops on this mani.

Don't be afraid of the cheap glitter!  Some of it may surprise you!


  1. This color is just amazing! And loving the glitters on top of it ;) I love to make myself manicure too, check it out

    Following you now, follow me back if you want to :)

  2. This is very pink and happy! Not for me-but looks great on you!

    1. lol! Not a fan of hot pink, eh? or the glitter? I'm a convert, so I know how it is. I never thought I would wear glitterbombs. Now, there are few things I won't put on my nails... once....


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