Lit from Within: Cultie bold reds and sweet pinks

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cultie bold reds and sweet pinks

Welcome to another post celebrating Cult Nails!

Reds.  Love 'em, gotta have em.  I wasn't too sure that the new Cult red, Annalicious, the tomato red with an orange shimmer from the new Untamed collection, was going to wow me.  I'm glad I gave it a chance! It's actually a very pretty red, but the orange shimmer is what makes it unique.  When I was applying I wondered how close it was to Evil Queen from the last collection.  In these pix, Evil Queen is on my ring finger, and Annalicious is on all the others.

The orange shimmer sets Annalicious way apart from Evil Queen, which is a true creme, straight-up, pinup red.    Two coats for each, no topcoat.

You can really see how Annalicious glows with orange shimmer that look like flakies, but they're not as big.  I decided to see how it all looked with Happy Ending, the shredded glitter from the Cult Nails' Fairy Tale collection.  It covered much of the shimmer, making it harder to tell the two colors apart.  I probably wouldn't layer that kind of glitter over such a pretty shimmer again, it's just too pretty to cover up.

From bold red to sweet pink!  I am polish bi-polar.  This is Enticing, from the Divas and Drama collection.

This looked like a great canvas for a dotticure!  I used Mind Control and Charming for the purples, Untamed for the bright pink, and Seduction for a little flaky color-changing action.

I love how a few dots can change the whole look of a manicure. 

One dotting tool (or a toothpick) and a few minutes can give you something completely different.  Even if you've never done nail art before, this is a great way to break into it.

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