Lit from Within: I wanna marry you, Lily

Monday, July 30, 2012

I wanna marry you, Lily

This gorgeous, sweet lilac is Revlon Lily.  I find myself really into these pale purple colors this year - not that purple ever goes out of style!

Typical good Revlon application, two coats, no topcoat.  Doesn't it look so innocent?  Like a blushing bride?

How about now?  This is with Kleancolor Bridal Shower.  I don't know if it's a dupe for OPI Pirouette My Whistle because I don't own it, but from pix, it looks similar.  It's a sheer white base with lots of small silver glitter and some larger silver hex glitter.

For a little holo sparkle, I added a little Wet n Wild Hallucinate on top.  I did not want to take this off! Right hand:

Have you ever worn polish that made you feel so delicate and pretty?  If I were renewing my vows, I would seriously consider this mani for the occasion.


  1. I am always looking for a good lilac color. Does this apply evenly? It's so hard with pastels...

    1. It wasn't too bad. Not the miracle pastel holy grail, though. I knew I was putting glitter on top, so I wasn't worried about it being completely perfect. You can see some dragging on my thumb..


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