Lit from Within: I belong to a pink and purple Cult!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I belong to a pink and purple Cult!

Day 3 of Cult Nails!

Continuing with the Untamed Collection, this is the namesake, Untamed, another seemingly girly color that I actually liked wearing.  It's a bubblegum-pink jelly with a shimmer.  At two coats, there is a bit of VNL, but it was less noticeable in real life.

One of the first nail art pictures I pinned on Pinterest looked something like this, only with white on tan.  I wanted to try and recreate that simple but sophisticated art by using another Untamed polish - Spontaneous.

 This was one of my fave looks!

Here's Spontaneous on its own - a dusty purple color with a purple shimmer.  I love purple, and can't get enough.  Cult Nails does seem to have a lot of purples overall, or maybe that's just what I keep buying.  I can't tell.  They do purple well, though.

For a little kick, I layered Seduction, a gorgeous red and purple flakie over Spontaneous. If you like Seduction, get it while you can.  It's a LE color, and when it's gone, it's gone.  At this time, it's still a part of the Divas and Dramas collection, or you can buy it separately.

Cult Nails isn't a glitterbomb indie - they do color well, but also have some neat effects like flakies and glitter.  Keep reading for more Cult Nails!

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