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Monday, July 23, 2012

All-time fave holos

Instead of saving the best for last, I've decided to go with an 'eat dessert first' mentality this week.  These are my absolute fave holos (and probably fave of all polishes) that I own.

The first one is a polish that got me started on Indies, and that is the lovely Saint George from a-england.  These are older pix, from when I first started cataloging my polishes.

St. George is a deep teal scattered holo, that is easily one coat, and applies like the best polish you've ever worn.  There's nothing like it. 

It can be purchased from indie sellers like Ninja Polish, Llarowe, Overall Beauty, or from A-England.

Recently, I've discovered another polish that I love almost (or, dare I say it, just) as much as St. George.  This is OPI DS Extravaganza.  I came to the polish world too late to score the most coveted of the OPI DS series, but this one should be one of them.  Fortunately, you can still find it on e-bay and even Ulta sometimes for around $12.

I love how saturated the color is, and how pretty it is even in low light.  Sparkly. I've tried to blur the pix to show the holo off better.

The last one I have for you today is a new fave.  I only got it recently, and I had to stop swatching just to keep this on a little longer.  This is La Femme Unica:

I'd never seen a forest green holo before.  A-england Dragon is the closest I have, but this one has a more powerful linear holo.  I picked this one up from Ninja Polish.

Of course, if anyone wants to shoot a bottle of OPI DS Original my way, I'll be happy to tell you how it compares to my faves.  For now, you can still get these, and they are worth getting.  

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