Lit from Within: I won 2nd place! and a prize! and I did a mani! And used many exclamation points!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I won 2nd place! and a prize! and I did a mani! And used many exclamation points!!

I won second place in **this** contest from Jilltastic Nail Designs with this submission.  "Speak up, I can't see you!"

And I got my prize in the mail!  Woot!  Jordana Rhinestones and a cool zebra nail file!

and cool color-changing nail stickers!  I used to use a lot of nail stickers, and I'd never seen these. 

So, I did a couple of manis to use my new, cool stuff!  I started with Jordana Boy Oh Boy, a beautiful turquoise blue that applied like a dream.  For an inexpensive brand, this stuff is great.  Look at that shine - no topcoat!


I was inspired by this dotticure on Lucy's Stash.. not that I have the nails or talent to do what she does.  Wow, her manis are awesome.

I used the Rhinestones by Jordana that I won as a prize!  They made cool dots, actually - most of the glitter is small, so it didn't clump up, and the occasional medium glitter looked pretty neat on the dot.

 Right hand:

Another day I used the stickers over Sally Hansen Loves Me Not, a gorgeous purple fleck that looks like it has a golden duochrome shimmer, but it was fairly shy on the nail.

It was too hot to stay outside for long, but I did see a very subtle pink color in the stickers before the heat forced me back into the A/C.

Thanks for the stash, Jillian!  :) :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS - this is so great - I'm happy on your behalf :)
    Lovely manis too :)


    1. wow, all caps! You like me, you really like me.. nails! lol. Love your blog!

  3. Congrats, I loved your nails for the contest, they were so funny!

    1. Thanks, Samantha! I really didn't know if anyone would 'get' it - not really a global statement! Just me and my old eyes. :)

  4. Your dots are awesome! I am a dot failure, but promised myself to try again this weekend!

    1. I know you'll succeed. Dots are fun and easy - and I tried all the 'cheap' alternatives - nothing is easier than a real dotting tool. It helps if the polish is opaque, but not too thick. And my best advice is to start by doing what I do - copy other people's work first (giving them credit, of course) until you come up with your own ideas! LOL


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