Lit from Within: Random Holo Roundup

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random Holo Roundup

To finish off this holo week, I want to share with you some other random pretties. 

This is Ozotic 513.  The thumb is 1 coat over black, the others are 3 coats alone.  I do seem to have a thing for purple holos, don't I?  I don't think I realized how many I had until I was swatching this week!

And this is Ozotic 531, a multichrome holo, or a 'mish-mash'.  Copper/pink beauty.  These two are part of the discontinued line, but you can still find a few floating around, I think.  I'm sure there will be some on e-bay.

The Brazilians have a lot of beautiful holos.  The Specialista No Olympio collection is stunning, and so are the holos from UP colors and Ludurana.  There are swatches many places for those, but I wanted to share a couple that I have and enjoy.  This is UP colors Multi-Magenta.  I find that most holos labeled 'magenta' are more pink, but this one at least has some magenta flashes in the holo.

This is Ludurana Notavel.  Every holo collection has a silver.  I didn't think I needed them all, but apparently I have collected my fair share.  I picked this one up at a sale on Llarowe, I think.

This is a polish I haven't seen much of, but it's starting to crop up on nail blogs.  Missha has a cosmetic line, and also makes some nice BB creams, if you're into that.  I picked this polish up on their site with a couple of other polishes and the BB cream.  It's the mysterious and beautifully named, "JBR01".  Isn't that romantic?

Cute, heart-shaped bottle.  I told you it was romantic. :)  And it's brown.  I love brown!  I've never seen OPI My Private Jet holo version in person, but I've heard tell that this is close to it.

And, finally, a few from Glitter Gal, one of the first holo lines I heard about.  I picked up these on sale at Llarowe.  They are the SMALLEST polish bottles out there, so be aware that you are likely paying more per ounce for this polish than a fancy steak dinner.

GG Fuchsia.  Really?  Looks like a baby pink to me. 

 GG Copper.  I  really liked this color, but it doesn't read copper to me.  Maybe a rose gold.

GG Marine Blue.  I am such a fan of blue polish, and blue holo polish has me jibbering like an idiot.  This is so pretty.  I don't know if it's worth the money over say, a Jade blue holo, though.

I remember when I first discovered holos and this next one was the Holy Grail of them all.  You couldn't beg, borrow, or steal a bottle of Lizard Belly.  It's a dark teal base with a beautiful rainbow.  There are others I like better, but this is still a unique color and a very nice polish.

Well, I hope I haven't bored you to tears.  I'd love to hear your recommendations for holos you love.


  1. I like Marine Blue!
    I really like the sort of scattered holo effect. While I have CG DV8 and a few from that collection, and some of the Brazilian Hits collection, I really love butter London All Hail The Queen, the Orly Prisma Glosses in Silver and Gold (that can be applied on top of any color), uhm, Orly Rock Solid, butter London Knackered.

  2. I like scattered holos, too... just not quite as much as a linear. I wish I had the ChG holos.. hopefully I can get the new Spring collection! I'll have to check out the Prismas. I love Orlys, but I hear people grumble about their formulas that aren't cremes. Thanks for the recommendations!


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