Lit from Within: Celebrate glitter - Pink Platinum

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Celebrate glitter - Pink Platinum

When I first started this nail art journey, I thought I had clear fave colors and polishes, but I'm really finding myself loving polishes outside my normal 'box'!  I thought I had given up on pink - the color I was forced to limit myself to as a girl, the color my room was painted because my mom wanted a girly-girl.  I wanted blue.

This is a pink I can endorse.  Essie Your Hut or Mine.  You can't see it well in the pix, but it has a slight shimmer to it, so it's not a true creme.  Essie surprised me with this one.  I can usually count on Essie to be difficult - streaky, balding, three coats or more.  Not this one.  Two perfectly well-behaved coats.

I have another Mattese Elite glitter to show you.  It's Wet Dream.  So for those of you who'd never had a wet dream before, now's your chance, worry-free!  She may have a naughty name, but she is the demure cousin of Mysterious.  Instead of blue, this is a pink jelly with holo glitter.

 Look at the shiny!

Black and white with pink is a classic combination.  I was inspired to take out my black and white dollar store stripers and create a little pattern on my nails.

 I really like creating depth and interest by layering polishes like this.  By adding a stamp or drawing over the glitter, it creates a definite foreground and background to the art.  What do you use glitter for?

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