Lit from Within: Bring me your poor, unloved polishes...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bring me your poor, unloved polishes...

I am in serious polish hoarding mode.  I can't stop buying polishes, and I even couldn't stop myself from grabbing these lovely polishes at the last CFL Beauty Bloggers meeting (and I feel badly that I didn't get to posting them until now!)

I think the theme for these polishes was *weird finishes*

First up, a metallic blue - and my first Julep polish.  Fina was pretty good for a metallic.  I think I'll use it mostly for stamping, though.  I first used her as undies for a gorgeous matte glitter, though.

I loved this so much, I actually bought it (unknowingly) after I got it in the swap.  This is Borghese Mediterraneo Sea.  It actually dries matte!  I got my dupe copy at Ross, if you see it, and you like matte glitter and blue, this is awesome.

Another weird finish - kinda like rubber, but not enough.  This is Orly Purple Velvet.  It also dries matte, but shows off every bump in my nail and every mistake in application.  I was hoping for a rubber/pleather finish I've heard some Orlys have, but not this one.  Meh.

It did make good undies for another swap polish - China Glaze Black Diamond.  Black Diamond is really watery and sheer on its own, but did have a nice, subtle duochrome layered over a darker color.

My camera is valiantly trying to show you some of the sparkle in Black Diamond.

MOAR sparkles, you say?  This is a polish I bought - Jordana Glitters Sequins.  I love how subtle it looks against the black. 

I think my index finger has a glitter dingleberry.  How embarrassing.  *blush*

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!  Have you ever scored a polish from someone that they were "meh" about, and you were 'YAY!" about?

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