Lit from Within: Every Cult Nails tale should have a Happy Ending

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Every Cult Nails tale should have a Happy Ending

And so, we come to the end of the week, and the end of my showcase of Cult Nails.  But, let's not be sad!  There are still a few wonderful polishes to show you today.

The first mani is a combo of two beautiful polishes with neat names:  Iconic and Enigmatic.  Iconic has been reformulated, and this is the new version -a raspberry base color with golden shimmer.  I love it.  It's a one-coater, people.  Look at that glow.  The shimmer is amazing.

I've paired Iconic with Enigmatic, a dark violet/eggplant color with amazing depth.  I like the way the two colors go together - I do wish that I had made my ring finger 2-toned as well as the thumb.  That's an easy accent - I free-handed the Enigmatic over the Iconic (though if I were doing this again, I'd reverse it.  Iconic is one-coat, Enigmatic is more like 3.) and then added a little piece of striping tape that I then cut to fit, and covered with Wicked Fast topcoat.

A bit of a weird angle, but all the better to show that shimmer.  Look how I'm willing to contort myself for your viewing pleasure.  That's dedication, I tell ya.

As we ride off into the sunset, I give you a color that reminds me of the first color of a new morn - Scandalous.

Obviously, this is a jelly.  This is two coats, I believe.  I love jellies, but I get bored putting on 3+ coats of polish, and tend to rush them - which leaves me with dinged/scraped nails.  I decided to try a jelly sandwich with this beautiful pale cantaloupe color.

Here it is with Captivated, a beautiful reddish-orange flakie on top:

And, sandwiched with another layer of Scandalous.  The glow still shines through, but muted.

What would this Cult Nails tale be without a Happy Ending?  Here's Scandalous with Happy Ending on top:

And as another jelly sandwich:

I hope you've enjoyed being a Cultie voyeur as much as I've enjoyed being a Cultie exhibitionist!
You can find Cult Nails @ and it is also being sold at Overall Beauty.

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