Lit from Within: Supah-fleck

Friday, June 1, 2012


I may not be a glitter-monger, but I love a glass fleck.  This is a whole bunch of the Color Club Take Wing collection

I started with a coat of Daisy Does It, a yellow glass fleck, over all the nails.  Not sure why I don't have a picture of that.  Probably because yellow on its own isn't that great on me.  To give it a boost, I dabbed on some Sparkle and Soar (orange fleck). 

I tried sponging first, but the fleck didn't transfer from the sponge well, so I ended up just dabbing it on the middle of my nails.  I knew I'd be doing a darker tip.

To the orange, I added a bit of green with Fly With Me. 

And at the tip, a splash of blue called Sky High.  Ironically, I was envisioning a tropical sunset over the water, not the sky. 

This is Nubar Elegant Indigo stamped with one of those crazy Red Angel plates.  I couldn't even tell you what this is supposed to be, but I liked the pattern.  That's how art is for me - I couldn't tell you much about it, but I know what I like!

 On the right hand, I experimented stamping with Color Club Blue-topia.  Not as saturated.  This isn't one of my fave looks, but it was fun to experiment.

I like trying to find polishes that work for nail art - some blend better, some stamp better, some look great in the foreground, some work better as a background.  Do you have favorites, or are you constantly experimenting with different polishes/materials?

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