Lit from Within: Let's hear it for Neiman-Marcus!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's hear it for Neiman-Marcus!

This past Saturday, the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers put together an event with the cosmetics dept. at Neiman-Marcus.  I know this blog is mostly about nail polish and art, but it was so amazing, I have to share.... and it inspired some nail art, too, so stay with me!

The morning began with mimosas!  How awesome is that.  They also had some breakfast pastries and coffee drinks... but champagne!  Already I'm feeling like a VIP.

We split into groups and switched between 4 counters with various product lines set up.  I don't think we heard about everything, but we got a lot of info.  Seriously, these people know what they are talking about.  And each representative is trained on other product lines, so if they don't have something in their line that meets your needs, they can direct you to another product line that does.

My first stop included one of my favorite experiences - the perfumes.  I love perfume, but I have so many, I wasn't looking for any more.  They gave us a few samples, and we got to smell a few more.  And I have a new favorite - Bottega Venetta.  It is the most sophisticated fragrance I've ever experienced.  I went shopping at Target later, and felt like a princess walking around the Taj Mahal.

POLISH!  Unfortunately, we didn't get any polish samples. But I can't wait to go back and try some.  This line is exclusive to Neiman's, and is called Le Metiere de Beaute.  Look at those colors!

Chanel had another amazing nail polish line.  In fact, they said that they can hardly keep it in stock!  They only had one or two bottles left.  I will admit to buying a few dupes of some of their famous colors.  In general, I prefer makeup counter products to drugstore ones, with a few exceptions.  I won't always spend the money on the expensive stuff, but I always notice the difference when I do. 

At the end of the breakout sessions, we all gathered together at the Deborah Lippman table, aka Polish Mecca.  You could almost see the sky part and the single beam of light that shone down on the table, and hear the angels singing. 

We were all taking notes about the products and new polishes... and our personal lemmings, I'm sure!  Don't we clean up nice?  Everyone was so dressed up and looking good.  Neiman's gave us all a bag with some information and samples to try - and if you go, you can get samples, too. They really want to make sure that you're going to be happy with the product you buy.

I really can't stop gushing about the experience!  Thank you so much, Neiman-Marcus!

After the wonderful experience at Neiman-Marcus and their obvious love for Deborah Lippman, I was inspired to break out a couple of my Lippmans and do a mani.  I picked up the Footloose collection at HSN on clearance, and I'm glad I did!  They really are among the best polishes ever.  They are 5-free, and not tested on animals.  All Deborah Lippman polishes have nail treatments right in the polish - so your nails are stronger and healthier after you use them!

I started with two coats of Let's Hear It For The Boy, a pale baby blue.  If you love pale blue and hate that chalkiness that some pastels have, you need this color.  I know my application wasn't perfect here, but I knew I'd be covering it with nail art, so I forged ahead.

Next, I created a Ruffian with DL Dancing In The Sheets.  This is a gorgeous blue with hints of purple.  I don't know if it's technically a duochrome, or a blurple.  The first coat has a lot of the purple undertones, and the second coat brings out the royal blue.  It has amazing depth, and look at that shine!  This is two coats, no topcoat. 

As much as I loved this, I noticed that the Ruffian style makes my short nails look even shorter, especially on my right hand.  It may not be the most flattering style on those of us with short fingers and small nail beds.  So I added some flowers and filigree to distract the eye and keep me busy for a little while.  I think it looks like a damask fabric.

DL polishes usually run $18-$20.  They are so worth it... but I'm glad I got mine on clearance! 

And, if you get a chance to shop at Neiman-Marcus, do.  Their staff is so knowledgeable, so focused on customer service.  I can't wait to start trying some of my samples.  I'll be sure to let you all know what winners I find.

Thanks again, Neiman-Marcus!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun and interesting too!
    I love how the filigree changed the mani in a positive way!

    1. It really was interesting - and fun to be treated like a queen! lol.

  2. I've been on the fence about ordering that duo. I couldn't tell if Dancing in the Sheets was blue or purple. I absolutely LOVE the few DL polishes that I have. I got a couple when the did the Good Morning America sale a few months ago. They are expensive, but I agree that they are worth it. Most of them are so different from anything else out there. I love this nail art BTW!

    1. I didn't know about the Good Morning sale - what did you get? I love Dancing in the Sheets. I also got the other duo with green and coral/red, but I haven't tried it yet. I have a lot of untrieds waiting in the wings!


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