Lit from Within: Golden-Green Comparison

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Golden-Green Comparison

I know I have dupes in my stash - it's inevitable when there are so many polish lemmings you must fulfill...  So I gathered some of my golden-green polishes to see if I had any dupes.

I see 2.. maybe three.

On my thumb is Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays.  It is really an olive green color with gold flecks, but it looks almost black indoors.  Not even close to the others.

On my pinky is SpaRitual Optical Illusion.  This one would probably look more like Twilight Rays if it were layered over black.  As it is, it doesn't look anything like any of the others.  I don't know how many layers it would take to look like what it does in the bottle.  I think this was 2 coats.

These next 2 are pretty much identical in color, as well as name.  They are both called Golden Green.  The index finger is from CQ, and the middle finger is Models Own.  I can't tell the difference, except the CQ was cheaper. Both applied nicely and took 2 coats for opacity.

On my ring finger is Jessica Iridescent Eye.  It's a smidge lighter and brighter than the other two ... but it's so close.  I don't have OPI Spotted the Lizard or Chanel Peridot, but I understand they are alike to Jessica Iridescent Eye, so I don't feel the need to own either of those.

It's a bummer that Jessica IE has so much color shift in the bottle, but it doesn't translate much to the nail.  I didn't get any of the blue or copper on my nail.

This is a pretty popular color, so I'm sure there are even more dupes out there.. hopefully I won't be tempted to buy any more of them!

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