Lit from Within: Buttered Curtains

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Buttered Curtains

I am so in love with the Winter 2012 glitters from Butter London.  Scuppered was amazing, and I love Jack the Lad even more.  It's predominantly green with gold and flashes of teal.  Not a typical holiday glitter, but I don't mind at all.

This isn't a holiday color, but it was calling my name.  Butter London Stag Do.  I wish more of the shimmer was evident on the nail, but it's still a pretty dusty teal.

I recently discovered Miss Ladyfinger, and when I saw this nail art of hers, it inspired me to do this one.

I started with a base layer of Jack the Lad, and when it dried, I put a piece of tape just covering a center triangle of the nail.  Then I painted over the nail with Stag Do, which gave me this curtain effect.

Then I took a white striping polish and made a 'V' not quite on the border of the two polishes, but pretty close.  For dramatic patterns like this, sometimes I wish I had longer nails!

I do love that little peek of glitter, like it's coming out from behind the curtains.

Would you use glitter like this in a tape mani?

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