Lit from Within: Stamping on a red base - a red, hot mess!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stamping on a red base - a red, hot mess!

I enjoy my Stamping Sundays, I do.  But, more often than not, I'm not very good at this stamping thing.  When you see those really pretty stamped manis, you should know that they're not as easy as they look!  There's all kinds of techniques and color choices, testing formulas, and understanding the tools.

And, patience.  Which I don't have.

This week's challenge was to stamp over red.  I had just bought this Jessica polish, Heart's Desire, part of their holiday collection.  It is one of those reds that glows from within - my fave, as you know.

I used a bow stamp from my Cheeky Mega-Jumbo-VERYLARGE plate, and Kleancolor Metallic Green and Revlon Sequin.  To be quite frank, this is why my husband does all the present-wrapping at my house.  My Real-Life presents also look a hot mess when I try to wrap.  

Maybe next week! Happy Holidays!


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    1. LOL!! If you can't say something nice, make it up, right? This is just to keep my humble, you know. :) :)


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