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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Half-moon over London.. Butter London

I saw this mani with a half-moon, and thought it looked like fun to try and do my own version with some of my new Butter Londons.

I started with BL Fash Pack.  In the bottle, this polish has a golden shimmer.  Can you see it?

Yeah, I couldn't really see it either.  It's a nice mushroom-y taupe, but I wanted that golden shimmer!

I used hole reinforcements over Fash Pack and painted the rest of the nails with BL Scuppered.  This is one of their new glitters for Winter 2012, and I'm in love.  I adore mini-micro glitters, and this one is so nice with the golden tones, but with flashes of green and pink.  

I used a dotting tool and BL Fiddlesticks to make the chain between Fash Pack and Scuppered, but I got the dots too close together, so it just looks like a lumpy line.

I think that with a different, lighter (maybe pinker) base coat, this mani would look even better.

I like this half-moon mani.  When I do French tips, it seems to make my nails look shorter and blockier, but with the half-moon, the curve elongates my nails.  Do you like half-moon manis?


  1. Just the thing for me to try when I have to nubbin-ize my nails; love the way it elongates!

    1. My nails never get very long, so this is been a great way to give my self a more elegant mani. Kudos to the creator!


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