Lit from Within: Green Season with holos

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Green Season with holos

I have a lot of green holos now, and it seems that no two are exactly the same! 

Urban Outfitters Green Holo, a stunning rainbow over pale sage green:

Piper Polish Lime Green Dream, a subtle scattered holo over an icy jade green:

Enkelini, The Grass is Greener, a bright grass green with linear holo:

Above The Curve It's Because I'm Green, Isn't it, a forest green with a subtle linear holo:

Piper Polish Peace, Love & Rainbows, a darker forest, mossy green with a stronger linear rainbow.

 All together now, in the same order as above, from thumb to pinkie.  (UO, Piper LGD, Enkelini TGIG, ATC, and Piper PL&R)

Even indoors, you can see some strong linear rainbows, and some deep colors.

I decided to do some reverse art by leaving the holo and painting a shape around it in black.  I used China Glaze Angel Wings as a gold holo detail.  I like the ornament the best.

I also did a little striping nail art.  This is all 5 colors striped next to each other on each nail.  I really liked this, and it just took a striping brush, and a somewhat steady hand.

Are you celebrating the season with holos?  

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