Lit from Within: Have a Dandy Holiday with some abstract nail art!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have a Dandy Holiday with some abstract nail art!

It's no secret that I love Dandy Nails!  With all the Indies I own, I still find things about her polishes to be excited about.  Her new holiday collection was so pretty, I had to get almost all of it.

I think Chilled Down is my fave.  I love the twist to use a nude milky base instead of the traditional white.  After all the crazy, bold holiday swatches, this was the perfect holiday palette cleanser.  Great application, no undies needed.  It makes me think of a winter day blanketed in new snow.

Bory-Alice is a blue/purple duochrome.  It's in the newer style of pigments where they almost look chunky, and you can see the black base color of the polish, but the texture is smooth, and removal isn't difficult like regular glitter.

Even though I've shown you Moonglow before, I couldn't resist throwing it in as an accent nail here.  I love me some holos.  This one is subtle, but it's so pretty.  I love the grey.

Cashmere Night is the first matte/suede finish I've seen in an Indie.  To my knowledge, the glitter finish makes it more suede than just a plain matte.  You can see the blue specks coming through.

I really like it with topcoat, too!  All the different glitter colors just pop.

I saw this amazing abstract brushstroke technique on Gorgeois that I wanted to try, so I used Cashmere night as the base, and a ton of polishes (including Bory-Alice) to make the look:

Colors used:  Pomegranate Lacquers Enchanted Lagoon (minty green), Peripera P027 (iridescent green/gold/blue), Revlon Colorstay Stormy Night (taupe), Essence I love Berlin Green Grass (emerald green), Jade Diamond Velvet (shimmer purple), and Dandy Nails Bory-Alice.  Base color:  Dandy Nails Cashmere Night.

What do you think of Dandy Nails and this abstract look?  It was so easy, but looks so complicated.  If you try it, please post a pix on my Facebook page!

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