Lit from Within: Holiday Butter Sparkle!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Butter Sparkle!

Is there anything more classic than a true red?  Butter London Pillar Box Red is a gorgeous, smooth, glossy red creme that is perfect for the season:

But I need GLITTAH!  First up, Orly Sashay My Way.  It's so sparkly, my camera kept blurring the pix.  I will say that as a rule, I don't like bar glitter.  I was seduced by this sparkliness.  Still, if they had a bar-free version, I would have chosen that one instead.

Red and gold just calls out for some black and white glitter!  First up, Nubar Black Polka-dots.  The tiny black dots get lost in the sparkle, but I love the addition of the larger black spots.

And then, Nubar White Polka-dot, and the glitterfest is complete.  Welcome to the party!

Do you layer glitters until you get what you want, or would you rather have one glitter with everything you want already in it?

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