Lit from Within: Christmas Lights!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Lights!

Have you seen this mani from Galactic Lacquer with her Christmas lights?  It's amazing!  I wanted to do my version, but of course I didn't have any teardrop rhinestones!  So, I took it a slightly different direction.

I started off with a black background, because I love how the lights look at night.  This gorgeous black holo is Midnights Rainbow by Enkelini.

Even inside under regular lights, you can see the rainbow, and the color also stays true.  That's my fave kind of holo.

I used nail foil glue to stick on the nail art accessories.  I saw that some bloggers were using string, and I thought about the laser strands I got from Dollar Nail Art, and decided to use that.  I love how the strands looked like they were imbued with light already... but oh, were they hard to use.  The strands don't want to stay bent, so I had to be very patient with the curves and hold each strand until the glue dried.  Patience is not my specialty.

I love how the colored rhinestones looked like Christmas lights, though.  If I decide to do something like this again, I will probably paint the string on! 

Are you putting lights up this year?  Are you putting them on?

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