Lit from Within: Red and glitter, glitter and red!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Red and glitter, glitter and red!

Over the holiday season, I've worn different combos of red and glitter, and I thought I'd compile some of them together to show you at once.  So many different shades of red now, and different ways to wear it, I hope one of them suits your tastes!

First up, our lady patron, Deborah Lippmann, and Footloose.  A great old movie (didn't even want to watch the remake!) but this red leans a little orange for me.  As always, great formula.

I camouflaged some of the orange with a beautiful holiday polish from Orly called Devil May Care.  Love the flecks of gold! 

My next mani uses Devil May Care, but in a different way.  This one started with China Glaze Fast Track.  So pretty, but so much more sheer than I was expecting!

I amped up the glitter bling with Orly Halo.  Oh, so demure and pretty.  I love these champagne-golds, they are so flattering on my pale skin.

I think this is my first 'reverse' gradient.  I dabbed just a little Orly Devil May Care up by the cuticles, just to barely give it a hint of color, like it was my secret.  

From barely there to seriously vamp!  This is Essie Skirting the Issue.  It was a polish I received as a Klout perk!  Such an incredible dark, vampy red - but be careful with application, as you can see, I had a little staining.  Pretty glossy, though, even without topcoat!

The next mani is Indie reddish...  Hare polish Rusty Hearts is a raspberry red jelly with a gold flakie-like shimmer.

I wanted to boost the flakie feel, so I layered on Cult Nails Seduction.  Oooooooh.  I never get tired of flakies.  I want them all...

From a flakie to a glass fleck - OPI Animalistic.  This pix shows a little more orange than true, but look at that depth.  Juicy!

I dabbed on a glitter gradient with NailNation3000 Revvv it up.  The blue glitter really popped on this background!  I wasn't expecting it to show so blue!

The last red mani I have for you today starts with a red holo from NailNation 3000 called Fierce.  Red must be the hardest color to make holo, because I have a lot of different ones, and they are all different.  The truer the red is, the softer the rainbow seems to be.  This is one of the truer red holos I own.  Some of the rainbow is lost, but considering this pix is taken indoors, it's nice that there is any rainbow at all.

I had no luck taking a pix of this as a glow-in-the-dark, but Spectral Pup does glow!  I loved the big white splotches of glitter, and the delicate shiny red and holo specks against the red.

Have you found a red you like?  What is your favorite holiday red?

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