Lit from Within: Buttery Fashion

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Buttery Fashion

I've been inspired lately by Miss Ladyfinger, a website dedicated to nail art imitating fashion.  I have another look inspired by her today!

I started with one of my new fave holos - Butter London Fishwife.  What a weird name for such a beautiful polish!

This look from her site, referencing a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, caught my attention, so I thought to do my version.  After BL Fishwife dried, I cut a piece of tape with craft scissors so that it was narrow, but textured on both sides.  I placed that piece of tape in the center of my nail, and painted BL Scallywag on the exposed sides of my nails.

Then, I took a small art brush and use BL La Moss to paint a division between the two blues, mimicking (as best I could!) the texture of the craft tape.

I actually like the difference in texture between the holo and the glitter, which is set off by the creme.  Using craft scissors can sometimes add a little something to a tape mani, would you use them to make a funky tape line?


  1. You are killing me, woman!! Now, I have to have the BL La Moss

  2. lol, *this* is the mani that makes you need La Moss? I hardly use it! You are just looking for any excuse... I agree, though, I am a BL convert.


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