Lit from Within: OPI Suedes - Ink & Russian Navy

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OPI Suedes - Ink & Russian Navy

At the time of this writing, these are the *last* suedes I own. Who knows if I'll find more lovelies in my future?

This is OPI Ink Suede.  Out of all the suedes I've swatched, only the OPIs were different in their application.  For one, here's where that Pro-wide brush comes in handy.  You have to work fast in order not to drag polish, and these brushes just cover more area.

I did find that these were a little streakier on the first coat than other suedes, but they filled out nicely on the second.  As long as you didn't panic and allowed the first coat to dry before applying the second coat, application was just fine.

So, with three purple suedes, do you think any were dupes?  Nope!  I did stripes with the OPI Ink suede on top, Avon Soft Violet in the middle, and Julep Nora at the bottom.  Together, it makes the OPI look blue and the Julep look grey!

Next is OPI Russian Navy Suede, a beautiful dark blue.

I've replaced one of the OPI suedes with Avon Blue Royale.  In this pix, the thumb does look a *tiny* bit darker, but in Real Life, I couldn't tell the difference.  For all intents and purposes, the Avon Blue Royale is a dupe for OPI Russian Navy Suede.

I made s stripe down the middle with Pure Ice suede Blue Midnight just to see how different all the blues were.  These are really different!  Definitely worth getting both if you're a blue lover like me.

I hope you enjoyed all these suedes as much as I did!  Which ones are you going to add to your collection?

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