Lit from Within: Pick your (holiday) poison?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Pick your (holiday) poison?

Wet 'n Wild came out with the Pick Your Poison collection for Halloween, and I wanted it oh, so very much.  It wasn't to be found any place I looked around me, so I found some lovely polish hounds on the 'net to buy them from, and somehow I ended up with a full set.  What I love about this set is that all the polishes are rich and pigmented, and many are jewel colors, which makes them perfect for the whole holiday season.. and beyond!

First up, Venomous Vixen.  This grey shimmer has a secret!

 Look at the blue shimmer that pops in the light!  Definitely not a flat, boring grey.

 I love flakies, and I love them over grey.  The grey gives it a very soft, sultry look, like shimmer over fog.  This is Color Club Snow-flakes, a mostly green/red/orange flakie topcoat.

 Next up, Poison Ivy.  This rich jewel green is perfect for Holly, not Poison Ivy!

I even paired it with another "Halloween" polish, China Glaze Make A Spectacle.  It's multi-holiday!

Who would say that this metallic cobalt blue is the Root Of All Evil?  Not I!

A little dash of China Glaze Snow Globe and a white striper, and we have a peaceful snowy pine tree forest.

Under Your Spell is a burgundy that has that 'lit from within' glow.

 Pretty and Polished Heist gives a delicate dusting of gold flakes.

...maybe I should have stopped there, because I tried to DIY a gold flake topcoat with some foil I cut up and put in some suspension base.  I need a little practice.. oh, and the foil dissolved in the base, too, turning it green.  Not all flakes are created equal for polish making!

Similar to Under Your Spell, but leaning more plum, is Lethal Injection.  

I liked this as a base for Different Dimension Honesty Feels A Lot Like Mean.  I love how the gold and pink melt together with the plum.

Last, but not least, Toxic Apple.  This color is actually more purple, but of course my camera wants to make it blue.  

I did a crazy stripey-sock gradient with all the other Pick Your Poison colors!  In Real Life, the stripes were more subtle, as a lot of the colors have the same jewel tones and dark glow.  They are a true collection, with every color complimenting the collection.  If you can find it, I really recommend it!

Do you like these kinds of collections?  Are you sporting rich, jewel tones this season, or any season?

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