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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shiny Butter London

One successful marketing strategy Butter London has that has sucked me in is their exclusive polishes.  Some retailers have polishes that only they get, and there are a few that BL keeps for their stores.  Posh Bird was one of those BL exclusives I really wanted (the other, Fishwife, is coming up later!)

I'm not sure exactly what color Posh Bird is.  Taupe with silver and lilac?  A metallic-ish finish?  It's a heavy shimmer, but not streaky like a frost.  It certainly is a unique species!

I was inspired by this mani's cool flower motif, and wanted to do my own version with Posh Bird and BL Shambolic.  

BL Shambolic is quickly becoming one of my fave glitters released this holiday season.  It's not the same red and green or silver and gold I associate with Christmas, but it is definitely festive.  And, though I dabbed on the glitter with an art brush for this look, it actually applies very nicely and is opaque in 1-2 coats.

I used a nail art striper in black to transform the blobs of glitter into a flower shape.  

 I think the design reminds me of a Muppet, but my husband says it's more like stained glass.  

Either way, I enjoyed this nail art, and I think the colors go really well together.  What do you think?

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