Lit from Within: NYE Glammed up nails!

Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE Glammed up nails!

Have you heard of NailNation 3000 yet?  She's a new addition to Llarowe, but before that, I fell in love with her holos.  I did this nail look for a holiday party, but thought it would be perfect for a NYE bash, too!

It starts with NailNation 3000 Loverz Lane, a copper/nude holo.  This pix was taken indoors, and you can still see the rainbow.  So far, all of her polishes that I've tried have had a really great formula.  I'm not as much a fan of the stubby brush, but it works well, and isn't wonky, at least.

Using paper hole reinforcements, I did a half-moon with another NailNation 3000 polish called No Rest For the Wicked.  It's a midnight black holo.  In Real Life, it was cool to see the linear rainbow start up in the nude and finish down in the black.  It looks more scattered in pix, but it is linear.

For a little extra bling, I painted the line between the colors with China Glaze Snow Globe.  Glequins would also make a nice border for those so inclined to do that, but I didn't think I'd have the patience to do all 10 fingers that way!  I love the flash of blue from Snow Globe, too.  

Is there such thing as too much bling for the holidays?  Not on my nails!

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