Lit from Within: Ecopolo challenge - Summer Stamp

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ecopolo challenge - Summer Stamp

There were 4 Nail Collaborative challenges and 5 EcoPolo challenges this month, so I'm sneaking in this challenge without a neon! It feels so good to be bad.

And nothing feels better than a great holo.  This is Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial? from the Anne of Green Gables collex.  I have watched the whole trio of TV mini-series based on the books, and the first two are in my favorites.  I have seen them over and over again - in fact, when I get sick, I usually pop one in the DVD player and watch until I fall asleep.  They are the ultimate comfort food for the soul.

But, back to the polish.

Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial?

I usually prefer my holos without any additional glitter, but this one works.  It doesn't disrupt the holo, but adds to it.  I love the blue fire.

I used my standby gold, Maybelline Bold Gold, for the stamping, and two stamps from the Pueen 22 plate.  The smaller roses in a pattern, with accents of the large rose by itself.

Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial? with gold stamped roses

I love the antique look of the gold roses.

Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial? with gold stamped roses

Though I am sure that Marilla, from the Green Gables series, would never approve of such fancy things as stamped and painted fingernails, I loved them so much that I did both hands and went out on the town.  Sorry, Marilla!  They are my 'puffed sleeves' if you will.  

What flower says 'summer' to you?


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