Lit from Within: The Green Fairy at Green Gables?

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Green Fairy at Green Gables?

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Anne of Green Gables?  The PBS or BBC miniseries, though.  I never did get into the books.  Well, this nail art is based on the holo named for the homestead - Green Gables.

Literary Lacquers Green Gables.  Nice linear holo, beautiful blue flash - even some orange in there.

Literary Lacquers Green Gables.

This holo is thin, but not sheer.  Great application, builds up nicely.  No special undies needed, but make sure you don't brush over wet spots, or you'll bald the polish.

Literary Lacquers Green Gables.

I found this design on Pinterest that I liked.  Unfortunately, the pinned link was to a page that just collected other nail art, so I don't know who the originator is.  If you know, please let me know, and I'll amend the pin, and this post.

Green Gables holo with Absinthe Makes the Heart diagonal tip

I used SOPI Absinthe Makes The Heart for the glitter in the corner, and outlined with a black striper.  I really love a simple, strong nail art like this one!

Green Gables holo with Absinthe Makes the Heart diagonal tip

Even though the original nail art was done on long nails, I think this looks great even on nubs.  The diagonal line elongates, and the swervy line adds to the illusion.

Green Gables holo with Absinthe Makes the Heart diagonal tip

I think this would look great in lots of different color combinations, too, though I'm particular to the Green Fairy at Green Gables!


  1. That is a gorgeous green holo - and the nail art is very pretty too!

  2. I love Literary Lacquers holos!

    1. This Green Gables collex is pretty awesome so far! I have some of her other holos, too. I need to review them. I like these polishes!


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