Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Butterflies!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Butterflies!

This week's challenge was either butterflies or dragonflies.  I love both, even in real life.  We will get the occasional baby dragonfly in the house, and they are the most adorable insect, if there is such a thing as an adorable insect.  They are one of the few interlopers that get a reprieve from immediate smashing, and either get left alone, or rehomed outside.

But, as the world works in mysterious ways, I saw this butterfly stamp and loved it, so no dragonflies today, so sorry.

I started with another abstract brushstroke mani, a la Gorgeois, because I love them so.  One layer of Milani Instant Pearl to start, because I thought it was white when I picked it up at the store, and now I'm determined to find ways to use it.  Then some pastels from L'Oreal.

Abstract brushstroke with L'Oreal pastels

I wanted to add a light, ethereal quality to the background, because it will be both the abstract flower field and the wings of the butterflies.  I added two thick coats of OPI I Juggle..Men on top.  It's a very subtle blue shimmer with a bit of blue flecks in the mix.

Abstract brushstroke with L'Oreal pastels and OPI I Juggle..Men

I picked this butterfly stamp from the DRK-A plate.  I love the Seussian quality of the butterflies. 

DRK-A stamping plate with butterfly stamp

And, voila, the finished look.  The butterflies were stamped with Finger Paints Black Expressionism.

Abstract brushstroke with L'Oreal pastels and butterfly stamp

I really loved this and didn't want to take it off.  It just made me happy.

Abstract brushstroke with L'Oreal pastels and butterfly stamp

Bottle shot:  The L'Oreal pastels (Creme' Puffs, Pistachio Dream, Royally Yours, and Lacey Lilac) and OPI I Juggle..Men.

Which do you like better, butterflies or dragonflies?  Or maybe spiders that eat them both?


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