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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hobby Polish Bloggers - Neon

Not only am I late starting this challenge, apparently, I can't even do things in order.  I'll, uh, have to get back to the 3-D challenge.  Whoops.

I've done a lot of neon this summer, and I'm starting to like it.  It's fun and bright.  I'm loving these new neon glitters from Salon Perfect, too.

Orly Truly Tangerine.  This is not a neon, but it's pretty bright - and I needed undies for my glitter.

Orly Truly Tangerine

Salon Perfect Bang and Exploded.  These two look very similar to me.  In fact, I think they are comprised of the same color glitters, but in different concentrations.  I found orange, pink, and yellow glitters in both.

Orly Truly Tangerine with Salon Perfect Bang and Exploded

The lighter, more yellow glitter on my thumb and ring finger is Bang, and the darker, more orange glitter on my index, middle, and pinky fingers is Exploded.

Orly Truly Tangerine with Salon Perfect Bang and Exploded

I tried to do a glitter gradient by putting the opposite glitter on the tips, but I couldn't really tell any difference... except that now my thumb is all lumpy.  Neither glitter really shows up over the other - another reason why I think they're made up of the same glitters.

Orly Truly Tangerine with Salon Perfect Bang and Exploded

I had to try with topcoat.  Wow, they look positively juicy. 

Orly Truly Tangerine with Salon Perfect Bang and Exploded, topcoated

Bottle shot.  Salon Perfect Exploded, Orly Truly Tangerine, and Salon Perfect Bang.

Do you like the more orange glitter, or the more yellow one?  I'd love to see it with more pink, too!


  1. Replies
    1. I've been pretty impressed with these, for drugstore polishes. They are a little thick, though.

  2. They do look incredibly juicy with topcoat! :) To be honest, I didn't even know they were different glitters on first glance!

    1. Several of them look like twins. When I was shopping for them, I had to take a second and third pass to find them all, because some of them look so similar. If I wasn't after the whole collection, I wouldn't have known they were different. They are fairly subtle differences, especially between these two.


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