Lit from Within: Positively Purple 'Parison

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Positively Purple 'Parison

I love Indie polishes.  I tend to collect the same (or similar! Similar!) colors a lot, so I picked 4 purple ones and decided to see if they were anything alike. 

Trust me - you can rarely tell everything about an Indie polish just by looking at the bottle.  I have been fooled many, many times.

Whooz Polish Tutu.  I reviewed some other Whooz polishes back in January, and I had bought this one at the same time, but it hid in a corner of my untried drawer and I didn't realize it didn't make it into the review! 

Whooz Polish Tutu

Lots of sparkly holo and blue and pink glitters in a squishy jelly purple base.  It's a little sheer, but I don't know if I'd layer this one because then you lose some of the jelly quality. 

Whooz Polish Tutu

As of now, I'm not sure of the fate of Whooz polish, as their Facebook page seems to be gone, and their Etsy shop is on vacation.  Hopefully, they'll be back!

Sindie Pop Electric Purple.  I don't hear a lot about this Indie, but I should.  Every one of their polishes that I've tried has been amazing.  I had no idea that this polish would have that blue shimmer that really does make this polish look Electric!

Sindie Pop Electric Purple

Application was so smooth, too.  I'm in love with this purple!

Sindie Pop Electric Purple

Before I tell you where to find it, let me show you another Sindie Pop.  This is Mrs. Mouse.

Sindie Pop Mrs. Mouse

But, you're thinking, this isn't purple?  If you can see the bottle, it looks lavender in the bottle!  It only looks pink on the nail.  Very sneaky! 

Sindie Pop Mrs. Mouse

Fun glitter, though.  Everything applied nicely - no fishing or dabbing with the glitters.  I like the larger blue and the smaller pink and blue glitters together.  You can find Sindie Pop on Facebook and her webshop.

I should have taken a pix of the bottle of this next one all by itself.  It's such a dark purple, it almost looks black.  Yet, on the nail....

Sparkle Nail Lacquer Plum Pudding

Sparkle Nail Lacquer Plum Pudding has a clear base!  Fooled me, again.  I tried to make it opaque, but I just made it lumpy.  This one definitely needs undies if you're looking for a solid color.

Sparkle Nail Lacquer Plum Pudding

I do love the flakie quality, though!  Peeking through the blackened glitter are some really pretty iridescent purples.  I don't even know what color I'd use as undies to compliment all the glitters here!  You can find Sparkle Nail Lacquer on Facebook and Etsy.

Ready to rock some purple?  What's your style?


  1. I love indie polishes too! They have such unique colors/glitters :) Wonderful swatches of all these purples too.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. I buy way too many Indies!


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