Lit from Within: Another Pink Wednesday

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Pink Wednesday

Hello, Fireflies!

I'm feeling secret-club-ish today, so I'm using our code name.  The polishes I have for you today aren't very secret, though some of the Indies may not be as well-known.

Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries.  I don't know how to pronounce it, either.  I looked it up, and apparently, if it's spelled with only one 'L' it's the name of a Royal Parisian Palace that was on the river Seine.  With the 2 Ls, it's apparently a common typo for the Palace - or something on page 2 of Google search, but who looks there?
swatch of Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries

I can't decide if I like it with the delicate, see-through pink base, or if it should have undies.  It's so pretty, like spun sugar.

swatch of Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries

Julep Helen and Barbara.  Ok, I think Helen is actually lavender, but I topped it with Barbara, a mix of pink glitters.

Julep Helen

These are some older pix I took, and I almost didn't want to post them, but I think it's interesting to see how I've progressed with my nail care and photos.  Though I do sometimes regress.

Isn't Barbara pretty?  I love the flashes of the different bright pinks, and maybe even a purple in there?
 Julep Barbara

Nail Sauce by Felifel Hot Heart.  This is a really glittery, scattered holo pink and red extravaganza!  It's a real attention-getter.  Application was great, no undies.  I didn't want to take it off.

Nail Sauce by Felifel Hot Heart.

I wish I could have done a better job capturing the bling.  It's quite pretty.

Nail Sauce by Felifel Hot Heart.

If you'd like more information, Lex Cosmetics can be found on Facebook and on the webNail Sauce also has a Facebook page and a shop.

So, what are you in the mood for today?  Delicate and sweet, a delicate base with bling, or all-out BLING? 


  1. Nail Sauce... OMG, I love it :)

    1. I was surprised.. and happy .. to see that she still sells it on her store envy shop!

  2. Even though it totally doesn't matter, you pronounce that word "twee-la-rees". Hey, my 4 years of high school French are actually helpful!

    1. I was totally butchering it. I actually do feel better knowing how to pronounce it correctly! I'm probably sensitive to having my own name mispronounced my whole life - I try to get others' names correct (even if it's just a nail polish! lol)


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