Lit from Within: Guest Post - Southern Sparkle Nail Art!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Guest Post - Southern Sparkle Nail Art!

I'm excited to have a guest today on the blog, with a nail art technique I've never done before!  And it looks great and easy!  Say hi to Samantha....

Hello Lacquer Lovers! Tonight I’ve swapped posts with the wonderful Nidia! My name is Samantha and my blog is Southern Sparkle Nail Art!  I’ve created this DIY Tie-Dye look that only requires four polishes! No other tools are required! It’s a super easy look to complete and can be used for a large range of colors! :]

I used four Sinful Colors polishes in Orange Cream, Cotton Candy, Island Coral, and Sugar N Spice.
For my base I used Orange Cream which is a lovely peachy color with a shimmer finish. It was opaque in two coats and had a wonderful dry time!

I next applied Island Coral which is a pink based coral. It also had a shimmer finish. I got most of the polish off of the brush. I then dabbed it in random places throughout the nail where I wanted the base of my design to be. It had a great dry time since it was only one thin layer.

Then with a very minimal amount of Sugar N Spice on the end of the brush, I dabbed around the splotches of Island Coral. Sugar N Spice is a gorgeous darker based pink. It has a shimmer finish and a great dry time (for one coat)!

With a small amount of Cotton Candy pooled up at the end of the brush, I dabbed it in the middle of my designs. Cotton Candy is the perfect pale pink with a shimmer finish. It, as all of the other polishes, had a great dry time for one coat.

I then applied top coat and voila, I was finished! In all this design took me at most 30 minutes.

Overall, this is the perfect summer look! It’s super versatile because it can be done in a range of colors!

Thank you Nidia for having me!

You can find Nidia’s post on my blog, HERE.
I can be found on Facebook, HERE, and on Instagram, HERE. I’d love to hear from you and see your recreations of my manicure! Talk to you soon!


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