Lit from Within: Something Different Sunday - Forever Polished and Bubbled!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Something Different Sunday - Forever Polished and Bubbled!

I am so excited to share with you some polish AND some beauty products.  Forever Polished is expanding into beauty products, and what was a one-woman show is becoming a mother-daughter team.  The beauty line is called Forever Bubbles.  Wimmens are doing it for themselves!

First up, the polish.  I was sent a glitter topper in a clear base: Forever Polished EDC Princess.  I wanted you to see it on its own and over a color, so here is Epic Princess on the ring finger, and everything else is Sally Hansen's The Sky's the Limit.

Sally Hansen's The Sky's the Limit with accent of EDC Princess

And here is EDC Princess over everything.  Great formula, loved the application.  I think it's pretty.

Forever Polished EDC Princess over Sky's the Limit and by itself.

I didn't notice until later that this glitter has some of those very large circle glitters, which are notorious for sinking to the bottom.  And mini bottles are also notorious for keeping larger glitters in the bottle and not on the brush.  Everything else about this polish was perfection, so I'm going to hypothesize that with a normal full-sized bottle, you'd be able to get the larger glitters out fine.

bottle shot of EDC Princess

And now, the beauty products.  Lots of fun colors, shapes, and smells!

I got two samples of glycerin soap - Twilight Wood and Lemongrass.  First of all, these soaps are pretty.  I loved the curly-q's in the soap.  They smelled nice as soon as I opened the package, and even smelled nice during use.  My husband liked the Twilight Wood scent better, but I'm a citrus girl.  The lemongrass smells divine.  Being glycerin, they don't lather, but hubby and I both agreed that we felt clean and soft after our showers.

Forever Bubbles glycerin soaps in strawberry and lemongrass

It's been years since I took a bath.  I was excited to see a real bath bomb in my package!  The flower is a Bubble Bar, which you crumble under water for bubbles.  The bath bomb just fizzes in the water when you drop it in.  I used both in the same bath because the bomb doesn't make bubbles!  They are both Strawberry scented, so it worked out great.  The bubble bar has glycerin, and the bomb has cocoa butter and almond and grapeseed oils, as well as Vitamin E, so I was soooo soft after my bath, and it was very relaxing.

Forever Bubbles Bubble Bar and Bath Bomb in Strawberry

I also received some Handmade Honeysuckle Face Cream and some Lavender Cuticle Butter.

Handmade Honeysuckle Face Cream and some Lavender Cuticle Butter

Of course I swapped positions for the next picture.  I'm smart like that.  The jar is the face cream.  The pop-top is the butter.

Handmade Honeysuckle Face Cream and some Lavender Cuticle Butter.

The face cream was nice and smooth.  I didn't have any adverse reactions from it.  The smell was so nice, but I will admit that it was a little strong for me for a face cream.  I will use it as a hand cream, though.  A very luxurious hand cream!

Handmade Honeysuckle Face Cream and some Lavender Cuticle Butter.

You can see that the cuticle butter (on the right) is a little grainy looking.  This is likely from the shea and cocoa butters, which have that texture.  They melt right away into your skin and are VERY moisturizing.  This is definitely a last-product-for-the day kinda cuticle butter, not one you would use in-between manicures.

I will sometimes massage cuticle creams into my husband's hands, and he really liked this one.  It's very moisturizing, and it allows for a good massage because it doesn't absorb right away.  The lavender scent is very light and fresh.

Trying these products was like a spa day for me.  I enjoyed them so much, and I think they are well-made boutique products.  You can find Forever Polished and Forever Bubbles on FaceBook, Instagram (@AshleysPolish), and on their Big Cartel store.

ETA:  Oops, the polish name is EDC Princess, not Epic Princess.  Not sure what EDC means, but apparently, not 'epic'.  My bad!


  1. Really nice items you got! :) They all look great.

    1. It was like a mini spa day! I was happy to be chosen to try the products. I hope you'll let me know if you try any of them, too! :)


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