Lit from Within: Sunday Stamping - Opposites on the Color Wheel

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Stamping - Opposites on the Color Wheel

Today's stamping challenge was to do opposites on the color wheel.  I first picked a lovely red-violet polish, and found that the opposite was yellow-green.  Oh, boy.

Lacquerhead Polish Plum Crazy.  This is a jelly polish with subtle holo sparkle.  It probably took about 3-3.5 coats of polish to reach opacity, and under the bright light showed a little VNL, but you couldn't tell in Real Life.  I really like this red plum color!  It does dry semi-matte, so you'll need topcoat for that shine.

Lacquerhead Polish Plum Crazy

I figured I'd have some trouble making the green show up over the plum, so I first stamped with Milani Pearl White.

Lacquerhead Polish Plum Crazy stamped with Milani Pearl White

Then, I stamped over it again with Nabi Green.  I ended up dabbing some more green on to make it show up.  Kind of a fail, really.  I love the color combo MUCH more than I thought I would, but my execution was lacking!

Lacquerhead Polish Plum Crazy stamped with Milani Pearl White & Nabi Green

The plate - Mash 50.  You have to use your imagination, but the vines on my nails look like the ones on the plate. Can you see it now?

Lacquerhead Plum Crazy stamped with Nabi Green holo

Bottle shot:  Nabi Green Hologram, and Lacquerhead Polish Plum Crazy.  Two colors I never would have put together, but I liked!

What's an unlikely pairing you made that you ended up liking?


  1. I know you're just being nice! lol, this was a learning mani! lol

  2. I think it looks great! Far better than I have ever been able to stamp! :P


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