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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Let's Go Camping - Nature

Hello, Fireflies!

If you saw yesterday's post, I mentioned how much I love nature... well, I love watching it from behind my sliding glass door.  In the A/C. 

Last week, a dragonfly came into the house, and I swear it was 6 inches long.  Dragonflies are so pretty and interesting.. but not in my house.  It was huge, though, so I couldn't kill it and then have to wash bug guts up from all over, so the husband and I spent about 10 minutes shooing outside.  Where it belonged.

Now, you'd think that was a segue to a dragonfly mani, but no.

I've shown you this polish before, the gorgeous emerald creme Ulta Green And Wear It:

Ulta Green And Wear It

I took Sally Hansen Salon Mojito and sponged it over Green and Wear it, and then covered everything with a lovely flakie coat of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites.

I was going for a sunlit-dappled forest canopy look.  Sunlight flashing through the leaves like multi-colored flakies, you know?

Or like the wings of a dragonfly, as seen through a glass door, while seated comfortably on the couch in the A/C, lovely beverage in hand.

Bottle shot:  Ulta Green And Wear It, Sally Hansen Salon Mojito, and Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites.

Bottle shot:  Ulta Green And Wear It, Sally Hansen Salon Mojito, and Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites

I also get the husband to relocate spiders, ladybugs, and butterflies, too, but any other bug inside is fair game for smushing. What do you do when nature intrudes inside?


  1. What an interesting design. I like the greens and the glitter together.

  2. I hate nature but I really love this mani!

  3. Nature & me don't get along - I'll sit with you in the AC! haha - Love this mani!

  4. I love how it turned out ! I normally scream when nature comes inside and go crazy until it's gone

  5. This combo looks very pretty!

  6. Interesting take on todays prompt, I like the dragonfly wing look. I can totally see that on your nails. Nature inside doesn't really bother me unless it's a centipede. Those things give me the creeps!

  7. Love the look! And it does remind me of dragonfly wings!

  8. I like the Sally Hansen on top. It looks nice!

  9. I love this inspired mani! And seriously, your story had me giggling! :)

  10. I really did think that was a segue to a dragonfly mani!


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