Lit from Within: GOT Black Shine?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

GOT Black Shine?

Hello, Fireflies!

For today's Golden Oldie challenge, I take an older black and pair it with an older flakie.  And they are better together than they ever were apart.

When I first started getting back into nail polish, I thought OPI was the be-all, best polish.  Surely, they must have the best black polish, right?  OPI Black Onyx is probably the worst black polish I own.  Thin, streaky, and takes more coats than any other polish to get that nice, shiny, black finish.

Even Wet 'n Wild Black Creme is better.  Mind.Blown.

OPI Black Onyx

Essie Shine Of The Times is one of a dozen polishes that has this multi-chrome flakie finish.  Pretty on its own, but it takes a dark base to really ply all her secrets. 

Essie Shine Of The Times

Red, orange, gold, and green..

Oh, how it glows.  Lit-from-within, you might say.  Love these types of polishes.  They were my first polish loves, and helped inspire the name of this blog.

Bottle shot:  OPI Black Onyx, and Essie Shine Of The Times.

OPI Black Onyx, Essie Shine Of The Times

What's your favorite thing to pair with black?


  1. Great combination together. I just love flakie polishes.

  2. Essie Shine of the Times has been one of my faves since it launched... It's just so flakie saturated and beautiful. Loveeeee the mani

  3. I love love love this combo of colors.That OPI black is sooooo the worst ever. It is such a hard polish to work. Great mani!

  4. Flakies over black is unbeatable - and Shine of the Times is just amazing!

  5. I used to have this Essie topcoat but haven't seen it in yearssss.

  6. Yes!! Totally loving this! Looks like fall leaves!

  7. I am always on the lookout for a good black. Sucks that OPI isn't the ticket. I am a huge fan of WnW though!

  8. I love the black nails. Boo about OPI not living up

  9. OPI needs to reevaluate their black polish game!


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