Lit from Within: One Direction, Too Cool, Three Looks! #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

Friday, August 8, 2014

One Direction, Too Cool, Three Looks! #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

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Hello, Fireflies!

Is it weird that a 40+ old woman likes One Direction?  They Stole My Heart! (See what I did there? That's my fave song of theirs.)

I'm excited to show you the One Direction makeup collection, "Up All Night" from Markwins!

The kit comes packaged in a collectible, reusable tin with some picture suggestions on ways to use all the goodies inside.

Of course, the first thing I had to do when I opened the collection was play with the nail polish!  This is Na Na Na, an iridescent marine blue.

black French tip, and then painted everything with Na Na Na

On my ring finger, I layered it over black, which makes it more turquoise.  On my other fingers, I did a black French tip, and then painted everything with Na Na Na - so the top part of the nail is three coats of Na Na Na by itself, and the tip is over black, with a black stripe.  I freehanded the logo.

Now, lets get on with all the makeup, and two makeup looks I did to show you what it can do!
The makeup palette has two neutrals and three blues, one being a creme glitter.
The makeup palette has two neutrals and three blues, one being a creme glitter.  The pink is More Than This, Gotta Be You is taupe, Save You Tonight is the light blue, Another World is the dark blue, and Up All Night is the glitter.  Swatches are on bare skin, and do perform better over primer.
I love that this kit came with both a lipstick and a lipgloss! I Should Have Kissed You is a matte bubblegum-pink lipstick, and Taken is a fuchsia glitter gloss that glows orange in black light.  Perfect for Raves!

Kids still Rave, right? Glowsticks and housemusic... ok, I'm old.  The pink lipstick on its own is drying on my craggy old lips, but I like it much better with a swipe of the gloss on top.
Little Black Dress mascara and Stand Up blue eye and body crayon
The mascara, Little Black Dress, is a dry black mascara, so those of you who don't like heavy, wet mascaras will enjoy this one.  It gives me some length and volume, but is fairly demure.

Stand Up, the denim blue eye and body crayon, is my favorite part of the kit.  It's creamy and highly pigmented.  I used it as eyeliner in both looks, and it didn't irritate my eyes.  You can also use it with the cool stencils that came with the set to make some One Direction body art!

Make One Direction body art with the cool stencils that came with the set!

Wow, did I get a tan? or maybe it's just my weird lighting.  My first look is more of a party look, with glittery blue eyeliner and bright pink lips.

I wish the kit had come with a glitter fix and MOAR glitter! 
I went with mostly drugstore makeup for this look, adding ELF Mineral Primer, ELF HD blush in Encore on both my cheeks and on my lips under the 1D Taken, Physicians Formula BB Powder, ELF shimmer in Lilac Petal, ELF brow kit in Medium, and I used all the colors in the 1D palette on my eyes, along with Stand Up as a liner under the glitter, and a little bit of Nars Black Valley to tightline.

The second look I created was a no-makeup makeup look to go hang out with my friends.

I still used some Stand Up on my eyes, but instead of using the pencil directly on my face, I used a push brush to get just a little bit off the pencil at a time, and just tightline with it.
From the 1D palette, I used the pink on my lids, the taupe on my crease, and the Stand Up body crayon as a liner and in the outer V (under more taupe to dull the blue.) I finished the look with the 1D Little Black Dress mascara, and Taken lipgloss.

I paired the Markwins One Direction kit with more prestige makeup for this look, including Laura Mercier face primer, Tarte Smooth Operator eye base, Smart FX Smart Eye Wrinkle Lift, It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Light/Medium and the CC Radiance Palette.  I also used the ELF brow kit in medium again.

Here's a little bit about the other kits - if you want to see more about what the other kits look like, check out the details HERE, or go to the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page.

Here's a little bit about the other kits - if you want to see more about what the other kits look like, check out the details HERE, or go to the Makeup by One Direction Facebook page.

These makeup kits will be available worldwide (international release dates TBA) starting in the USA:

Macy's - August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor - August 25th

Did this makeup kit "Steal Your Heart" too?


  1. Looks like a fun set but probably one I wouldn't get much use out of.

  2. I think the lipstick is my favourite piece from the set. I don't know if I would buy it just for the lipstick though. Plus, I'm not a fan that One Direction is all over it haha.

  3. I really like the lippies from this collection. :)

    I like what you've done with these products and hey, glitter, fun stuff isn't just for the whippersnappers. We all, no matter our age, need to have a good time with makeup, polish, life. :D

  4. Love the blue pencil, and your mani is cute.

  5. How much is this kit?! Gosh darn all you bloggers reviewing this. I totally didn't need or want this, in fact, I think I got the PR about it! But I see all these swatches and Markwins is behind Wet n' Wild and now I'm thinking I NEEEEEEEED ALL THE 1D THINGS!!!!!!! Also, you did a great job on free handing the logo!

  6. Love your pix and the mani you created is so adorable for 1D! My review is up on my blog today too

  7. It looks fun but I'm not into One Direction so I don't think I'll be picking it up. I appreciate your swatches and looks though!

  8. These lip gloss and lipsticks shades are so pretty. I love the look your created with this set :)

  9. I'm loving all of these one direction posts I'm seeing!

  10. I have to admit that the first thing I tried first was the nail polish but I forgot to take a picture ! However I will try it over black next

  11. I think this is the kind of makeup collection a true one direction fan would appreciate!

  12. You look stunning with that bright lippie!

  13. LOL at your 1D puns :) I thought it was overall a good kit


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